Why does it take 3 months to get rid of fleas

It takes three months to get rid of fleas because they have a complex life cycle which includes multiple stages. This can take anywhere from two weeks up to an entire year, depending on the species of flea and environment. Fleas lay eggs which will hatch into larvae in as little as one week, and then develop through pupal development before becoming an adult.

Adult fleas will then begin the cycle all over again by laying eggs that can survive for long periods of time in carpets, furniture, outdoors, or just about any other warm spot; making them resilient pests.

To properly treat for fleas, you must understand their complete life cycle and correctly apply various treatments throughout the entire length of it. As mentioned above, this could take several months to fully combat the infestation. Treatment should include vacuuming regularly to remove adult fleas and their eggs from home; shampooing carpets or furniture with an insecticide; treating pet bedding with an insect growthregulator (IGR) and/or spraying indoor areas with a residual insecticide spray as directed label instructions. Combining these methods together is important to ensure full removal of fleas in your home so be sure to check with a professional pest control company if unsure how best to treat your property’s specific situation.

Clean Your Home Thoroughly

One of the most important steps to get rid of fleas effectively is cleaning your home thoroughly. Fleas thrive in warm, damp areas and are drawn to dirt – especially dust and pet fur that has accumulated on surfaces. Vacuuming regularly and steam-cleaning carpets, floors, furniture or beds will help eliminate existing flea infestations.

But what can you do to prevent future infestations? You should regularly vacuum and mop hardwood floors, wash rugs often with hot water (above 70 degrees Celsius), seal cracks in walls, windowsills and wood floors with caulk – anything you can do to make it more difficult for fleas to get into your home! It’s also a good idea to keep pets away from damp areas so they don’t become hosts for these pesky bugs. Taking these preventative measures can take several weeks or even months, so make sure you have a plan!

Vacuum Your Carpet and Furniture

One of the most effective ways to get rid of fleas is regularly vacuuming your carpets and furniture. When you use a vacuum cleaner with a seresto flea tick collar hose that has a good-quality filter, it will remove eggs, larvae and adult fleas from your carpets. You need to do this as often as possible, especially if one or more of your family members have been exposed to fleas.

Vacuum everything in your house: all the floors, underneath beds, couches and even the pet bedding too. Make sure you use an upholstery tool on couches and all other furniture that is covered in fabric; this will help ensure that any flea eggs that may be deep within the fabric are removed as well. Doing this one task on its own can provide massive relief for loved ones who are affected by flea infestations and result in a major reduction in their symptoms within days!

Treat Your Pets with Flea Prevention

When it comes to treating fleas in your home, the most important step is to treat your pets with flea prevention. Even if you don’t see any fleas on your pet, it’s still important to give them regular doses of flea prevention and regularly groom them. Fleas tend to feed more often in warmer weather, so you want to make sure that you are doing all that you can to prevent them from taking up residence in your home.

Treating your pet with a topical solution or oral medication will not only kill fleas and eggs on contact, but they also work proactively at preventing further infestations. Make sure your pet has a bath once a month as this will help rid their fur of adult fleas. Furthermore, vacuum and steam clean all areas where the pet sleeps or commonly visits, as this will help remove hidden eggs and nymphs waiting to hatch. Doing these tasks regularly should get rid of the majority of your problem within three months!

Set Up Flea Traps

Setting up flea traps is an important step to getting rid of fleas in your home. Flea traps are designed to help get rid of adult fleas, and over time, reduce the overall infestation. Setting up multiple flea traps around your home helps attract adult fleas that may have been missed in the initial treatments. Flea traps also act as a way for you to monitor the level of flea activity in your home, so you can gauge if your efforts are working or not.

Flea traps come in many different forms and can be placed in areas like furniture, carpet, pet beds or wherever you think might be a place where adult fleas will visit. You’ll need to place or suspend them 12-18 inches off the ground and ensure that they are well lit – this lure adult fleas from their hiding places so they can be caught. To make sure your efforts are successful, it is important to replenish the bait used in the trap every 7-10 days for prevent the growth of any new generations of fleas!

Ending things off

Getting rid of fleas can be a long process due to their four stages of life but it is possible when following the proper techniques and steps. By cleaning your home extensively, setting up traps and treating your pets, you can help ensure that your home is flea free in no time.

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