Capricorn Sun Aries Moon: A Spontaneous Personality

An Aries woman complements a Cancer man well by allowing him to feel strong and masculine. She has got such a great optimist approach of winning that it helps him to give up his hidden fears and move up in life even more confidently. The protectiveness and possessiveness shown by her makes him feel loved and needed enhancing his sentiments and attachment to his lady love. But the secrets kept by him can be stressful on a relationship between the two.

Cancer Horoscope Today: March 21, 2023

Ask him him if there is anything that you can do to make the situation right and do your best not to argue with him. Also speak with a spiritual person that you can trust to let you know what the real issue is in the relationship. Sometimes people accuse you because they are doing that very thing. Sometimes the heat may soar up or both may experience high tides but if tackled well they make one of a kind lovely relationship.

Aries Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Any relationship must be based on mutual trust and loyalty, that’s not such a big surprise. In this case, it’s even more so, because the Aquarian very much prefers to keep things straight and to the point, loathing to have to hide things from the Arians. This brings more joy and happiness to the relationship, since the Arians don’t have to put a stop to their fiery whirlwind of energy and personal desire. All this energy and thirst for life is contagious, that’s what it is. Moreover, they are surrounded by so much spirit and dynamism that they really have to get it out somehow, and that’s how they initially start with sports. Actually, any kind of physical activity that consumes their batteries will do the job.

Finally my husband, who is too much practical and who is very very hasty in taking decisions has filed a divorce case on me. I was asking for his love most of time , however he wanted to be with his frnds all the time. He was more rude and vulgar in his words and he never repented the physical torture he gave me. Even today, am waiting for some realization to flash upon him and hoping that he will stay with me again. I\’m a cancer female and have a huge crush on an Aries male and this was totally inspiring, so thanks. Both of which are social butterflies and love to have the company of others around them almost 24/7.

Like opposite magnetic fields, it is extremely hard to pull a Cancer away from an Aries. I believe that every relationship is possible and not doomed by the stars. Some may be easier than others but that may also cause boredome. So far things are good with our relationship – though I do see that I am moody and he is not. Through communication though, we have been successful in trying to understand eachother’s feelings.

They may fight with each other but then quickly defend each other if anyone else steps in and criticizes either of the Aries pair. If an Aries man and Aries woman are friends, they will be devoted and loyal to each other. They may push each other’s buttons frequently and aggravate each other without free meaning to. Yet they are also fine with a friendship filled with arguments and drama. Also, if they are friends united by a common cause or mission, they can form a lasting friendship. The risk, however, is that each Aries friend’s sense of purpose and mission is driven by their desire for praise.

If these people get bored with you, he or they will not hide it – they don’t bother sparing others’ feelings because life always feels too short for them. Based on the Aries astrology, these people are full of fire and passion. Therefore you will have a partner who is ready to do anything if it catches their interest.

So everyone has got faults, but God can help us work through them, no matter however different we are.. Ok, dude, you pursued me on a dating site and I was honest and truthful, this guy was just plain weird. He had to be 10 yrs older than his posted age of 55, and he told me I wasn’t young looking for a 40 yr old. I have never been told I look my age, and younger men are always thinking I am in their peer group by looking at me. He was my first boyfriend and nopefully he will be my last. I really feel.we are soulmates becuz no matter where I move he always seem to find me.

Cancer woman, 25 dated Aries boyfriend, 38 for 2 years. Yeah, I’m aware how wrong it is to date someone purely for money but he was dating me for looks and youthfulness. He gets arm candy, and I get stability and financial security.

The Cancer-Virgo bond has excellent compatibility. It is essential to know how to take advantage of all those characteristics that make the relationship work and build a good foundation at the beginning of the relationship. Otherwise, when problems arise, the relationship could fall apart like a house of cards. This combination is headed for perfection, and we all know it. Be ready for anything because she will deliver the unexpected. Just because she liked a move or technique one night does not mean she wants that all the time.

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