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I had not dated much prior to my marriage primarily due to my career demands in a family business. I’m almost 55, next month as a matter of fact. I live in Boise, Idaho as a male, it is horrible. Most women I am attracted to in their 50’s are taken, married or whatever! So, women do have it better at least here in the Treasure Valley, Idaho.

No wonder why so many men nowadays are going MGTOW after reading all these comments about these very pathetic women. And feminism has really ruined most of these women as well, since they really are the ones that are real men haters altogether to begin with. Most women aren’t really nice to meet at all today, and they always are very stuck up with such a very horrible attitude problem as well. These very troubled women need to get a real life, since they really don’t have one at all unfortunately. If she leaves because I’m having a tough time getting and sustaining an erection because I have emotions to work through then I guess she wasn’t really interested in me at all right?

I don’t care what a man does for a living or what type of car he drives. I want to be with someone who has a kind heart. Everything else means little to me. Geraldine is a Sales Manager from Bude who, after bringing up two children on her own, decided she deserved to have her life back and find someone special of her own after her sons had left home.

I happen to despise other women these days. Most tend to be all fake Kardashian wanna be’s without genuine down to earth personalities. Women these days don’t want to work and just lookin for a free ride.

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Sara, you sound angry and the time you push it off are lost opportunities, understanding yourself and desires is what you figure out dating. He will see your too independent and feel he is just another one of your accomplishments if you find that person. Not all men who prefer less experienced women are motivated like that, probably very few statistically… but NONE of us deserve feeling less than. There are mature minded and decent men out there, or better to be with the company of friends and alone at night. I guess women over a certain age can let negative “statistics” run their lives, or they can simply choose to be HAPPY. Happy people without expectations are also “statistically” more able to find love.

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What’s different than everyone that’s posted here, is that for most of our life during our 30s and 40s we were looking for other partners. We seen long ago how life could get lonely in our older ages and were looking to extend our family with that as “one” of the reasons. Even then, what we always ran into was the selfishness, or lack of desire to be better than yesterday. Most women start gaining weight, and then want to guilt or shame you for wanting to be fit healthy and be with someone fit and healthy. The reality is, no man wants a woman in her 50’s except a guy who is basically an incapacitated relic whose wife passed away and needs a caretaker. Women become sexually invisible to men at menopause.

And, I am really so afraid of being hurt again. My divorce was unexpected and really blind-sided me. And, there were a couple of difficult post-divorce dating experiences and now I’m very skittish and I bolt too fast.

It is said that what you put out into the world will come back to you. You are so warm and caring that guys would pay $$$ just for hugging you. Love your attitudes, I’m going to hit on all Debbies now hoping that it’s you.

During the summer months she has little time for socializing, so thought she would try an introductions/dating agency. She trawled through calling many different agencies and decided to join Attractive Partners ‘because of your approachable and friendly manner’. We have recently introduced her to Paul who also runs his own successful business in Helston. As far as we are aware they are still seeing each other. Sign up for these top dating sites or apps, start chatting and maximize your chances of meeting your match.

My recommendations are based primarily on my own experiences in the online dating arena as a woman, with some word-of-mouth impressions from friends thrown in for good measure. Choosing a dating agency is about more than just the packages and prices, it is about finding one that matches your needs. What is most important is understanding who the matchmaker is that you’ll be working with. Ultimately, they are the one that you need to bond with as your future is in their hands! You have to like your matchmaker and feel like they really know who “you” are. They’ll be promoting you to potential matches so you want to make sure they really like you too.

But despite the significant increase in the number of daters, total revenue for the UK dating industry is falling, meaning firms are making less money per head. In the two years between 2011 and 2013 alone, revenue dropped by £9m from £168m to £159m. Whether you’re on a first date or a 20th anniversary, here are some great date ideas in NYC to do with someone special.

No – all I would get would be an unbroken string of rejections. I cannot flirt because I am not sexually attractive to any woman, so there is no point in trying. Either a guy has what it takes to turn a woman on or her doesn’t. I find it easier to strike a conversation with an attractive woman in her 30’s and 40’s. I take them to expensive restaurants, concerts etc.

I am not bitter and don’t expect a man to have to do something for me. I just want a nice guy to share life with and to have fun with. Someone who will have my back and I’ll have his.

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